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Lakewood Ranch Corporate Events: A Guide to Unforgettable Venues and Experiences

Lakewood Ranch, a master-planned community that embodies sophistication and charm, has become an appealing destination for businesses seeking unique venues. With its blend of modernity and scenic beauty, Lakewood Ranch offers an array of locations that make corporate events truly special. Here’s a guide to some of the top venues for Lakewood Ranch Corporate Events:

  1. The Lake Club Elegant and exclusive, The Lake Club at Lakewood Ranch is the epitome of luxury. With its private setting and upscale amenities, it’s a perfect choice for high-profile corporate events and gatherings.

  2. Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club If you’re aiming to impress with stunning views and world-class golf facilities, the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club offers a backdrop that’s second to none. Ideal for conferences, retreats, or team-building sessions.

  3. Grove Restaurant For a more relaxed and friendly setting, the Grove Restaurant offers a combination of exceptional food and comfortable meeting spaces. A local favorite for business meetings and casual corporate get-togethers.

  4. The Mall at University Town Center Looking for something unconventional? Consider hosting your event at one of the upscale venues within The Mall at University Town Center. Its central location adds convenience to elegance.

  5. Even Hotels Sarasota-Lakewood Ranch Providing wellness-focused amenities, the Even Hotels Sarasota-Lakewood Ranch is an excellent choice for businesses prioritizing health and well-being. Its modern facilities have three flexible meeting rooms covering 2,500 sq ft. All offer free Wi-Fi access, updated A/V equipment and custom catering that can accommodate various corporate functions.

Lakewood Ranch is more than a beautiful community; it’s a destination that offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses looking to host memorable corporate events. Whether you seek elegance, excitement, or creativity, Lakewood Ranch has something to offer.

For those seeking something truly distinctive, Game Show Trivolution specializes in creating immersive game show experiences, perfect for team-building and entertainment. Contact us today to enhance your Lakewood Ranch Corporate Events with a touch of fun and excitement!

Corporate Event in Sarasota – Best Venues

Planning a corporate event in Sarasota? Known for its stunning beaches and vibrant arts scene, Sarasota is also becoming a hotspot for corporate events. There is a range of unique venues that cater to different tastes and requirements. Hosting a corporate event in Sarasota has never been more exciting. Here are some of the top venues for a corporate event in Sarasota:

Corporate Event in Sarasota

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Offering luxury and convenience, The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota is a preferred choice for corporate conferences and retreats. Its top-notch facilities ensure a seamless and memorable event.

  2. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens For a more serene and natural setting, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens offer an enchanting backdrop for corporate events in Sarasota. It’s the perfect spot for team-building activities and networking events that require a touch of tranquility.

  3. The Ringling Want to infuse some art and history into your event? The Ringling offers a selection of inspiring spaces, ranging from classic to contemporary, that add flair and uniqueness to any corporate occasion.

  4. Hyatt Regency Sarasota With its waterfront location and customizable event spaces, the Hyatt Regency Sarasota is ideal for businesses looking for flexibility and quality in a venue. A reliable option for any corporate function.

  5. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium Add a splash of novelty to your corporate event in Sarasota by hosting it at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. It offers an exciting and educational experience that can be tailored to your business goals and team’s interests.

  6. Michael’s On East For fine dining and a touch of class, Michael’s On East provides a venue that caters to corporate dinners and intimate gatherings. Its renowned culinary expertise is sure to impress your attendees.

Sarasota’s eclectic mix of venues provides an ideal setting for any business looking to host corporate events. From luxury hotels to unique cultural spaces. The options are endless and cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Planning a corporate event in Sarasota and need something different? Game Show Trivolution can create an engaging and interactive game show experience that adds excitement and teamwork to your event. Contact us today and let’s make your corporate gathering in Sarasota an unforgettable success.

Corporate Events In Tampa

Corporate Events in Tampa – Some Venue Ideas

When it comes to hosting Corporate Events in Tampa, selecting the perfect venue is paramount. Whether you’re planning a conference, team-building activity, or an unforgettable game show experience, Tampa offers a plethora of locations to suit all your needs. Here’s a rundown of some of the top venues for Corporate Events in Tampa :

Corporate Events In Tampa


  1. Tampa Convention Center Spacious and flexible, the Tampa Convention Center is ideal for large-scale corporate events. With state-of-the-art facilities and a prime waterfront location, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite among event planners.

  2. Amalie Arena Looking for a more energetic venue? Amalie Arena is perfect for companies wanting to make a big impact. This multi-purpose arena can be tailored to your specific needs, offering an unforgettable experience for attendees.

  3. The Vault The Vault provides a blend of historic charm and modern elegance. If you’re looking for a unique space for smaller, more intimate Corporate Events in Tampa , this location is sure to impress.

  4. Tampa Museum of Art For a touch of culture and sophistication, the Tampa Museum of Art offers stunning spaces that provide a creative backdrop for any corporate gathering. Its prime location also adds to the allure, making it a standout choice.

  5. Busch Gardens Take your corporate event to the next level at Busch Gardens. This thrilling amusement park offers unique venues for team-building exercises and unforgettable entertainment experiences. A fun twist for your typical corporate gathering!

  6. Yacht StarShip Cruises & Events For a luxurious and unique setting, consider hosting your Corporate Events in Tampa on one of Bay area’s premier yachts. Yacht StarShip Cruises & Events offers tailored packages for an elegant and memorable event on the water.

  7. The Straz Center for the Performing Arts A hub for creativity and inspiration, The Straz Center is ideal for corporate events looking to blend business with art. Its diverse spaces can accommodate anything from seminars to gala dinners.

These venues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hosting corporate events in Tampa. The city’s vibrant culture, scenic views, and world-class amenities make it an excellent choice for any business looking to create memorable experiences.

If you need assistance in organizing a unique Corporate Events in Tampa , Game Show Trivolution specializes in creating engaging game shows that foster teamwork and camaraderie. Contact us today at 813.892.8453 and take your event to the next level!

Revolutionizing College Entertainment: Game Show Trivolution Joins NACA and Expands into the College Marketplace

Game Show Trivolution is excited to announce our new membership with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), to provide exciting College Entertainment. With our entry into the college marketplace, we’re bringing our one-of-a-kind trivia and game shows to campuses across the country. It’s time to redefine college entertainment!

NACA and College Entertainment

college entertainmentNACA is synonymous with quality college entertainment. As a member of this renowned association, Game Show Trivolution joins an elite network dedicated to enhancing student engagement through top-notch entertainment, education, and promotional experiences.

Our Vision for College Entertainment

Colleges and universities are pulsing with creative energy, making them the perfect venues for our interactive game shows. Our goal is to infuse college entertainment with fresh ideas, fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and fun.

Smartphone Trivia Game Show 

Imagine a trivia night that’s actually a live game show. We keep the excitement going and can tailor questions and answers for your campus. With themes ranging from pop culture to academic subjects, we’re elevating college entertainment to an exciting new level.

Customized Game Shows

Beyond trivia, our customizable game shows such as Feuding Fun, The Big Music Game Show, Happy Couple Game Show and more are designed to suit educational goals or simply add a splash of excitement to college entertainment.

Tailored College Experiences

We’re not just about games; we’re about creating memorable experiences. By working closely with colleges, we ensure alignment with institutional values and specific event needs.

Why College Entertainment Matters

College entertainment plays a crucial role in shaping the student experience. It’s about more than just fun; it’s about building community, promoting learning, and creating lasting memories. Game Show Trivolution is committed to being at the forefront of this vital aspect of campus life. Our membership in NACA and our focus on college entertainment signifies a new and thrilling phase for Game Show Trivolution. Together with campuses nationwide, we look forward to bringing innovative, engaging, and intellectually stimulating entertainment to students everywhere.

Are you ready to take college entertainment to the next level? Contact Game Show Trivolution today at 813.892.8453 to find out how we can craft a game show experience that will resonate with your campus community.

Taking the Show on the Road for Ocala Corporate Events

Ocala Corporate Events have suddenly become a thing for Game Show Trivolution. Ocala is not  just a hub for horse enthusiasts or the Florida home of John Travolta. As far as we are concerned,  it’s become a central location for our action-packed Ocala corporate events. We’re giving a double dose of our famed Smartphone Trivia Game Show. Sounds fun and exciting, right? Well, it is, but there’s a side to the life on the road that often goes unnoticed.

Smartphone Trivia Game Show Hits Ocala

First and foremost, let’s talk about the exciting part: the Game Show. Our unique Smartphone Trivia Game Show has taken Ocala’s corporate world by storm. The lively atmosphere, competition, and connection fostered among coworkers are unparalleled. Bringing joy and engagement to the workplace is why we do what we do, and Ocala has become one of our favorite stops.

Back-to-Back Events: A Scheduling Quirk

This week presented an interesting challenge: back-to-back events in Ocala. While that means double the fun, it also translates into long hours, meticulous planning, and yes, an overnight stay in a less-than-idyllic hotel. A scheduling quirk like this isn’t uncommon in our line of work, but it sheds light on the reality of being in the entertainment and game show industry.

The Reality of Road Life: Cheap Hotels and Late Nights

ocala corporate eventsStaying overnight in a cheap hotel away from home may sound trivial, but it underscores a significant aspect of our profession. The “glamour” of hosting corporate events is accompanied by the grit of road life. There’s an unspoken bond among those in the entertainment industry who understand what it’s like to spend nights away from family, in unfamiliar places, all for the love of the game (show, that is).

Balancing comfort and budget often means settling for a less-than-perfect overnight stay. But these experiences, while not always pleasant, become stories of resilience, passion, and dedication.

The Trivolution Continues

Our back-to-back Ocala corporate events serve as a reminder that the road to success is paved with unexpected twists and turns. But it’s also filled with victories, laughter, and the satisfaction of bringing people together. The Smartphone Trivia Game Show isn’t just a game; it’s a connection, a community, and a commitment to excellence.

Ocala, thanks for the memories, both glamorous and gritty. The Trivolution continues, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

tampa team building activities

Tampa Team Building Activities at the Beach

Tampa Team Building activities do not have to be limited to the hotel ballroom. Think about bringing the fun to one of the many phe pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico around Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete Beach and as far south as Ft. Myers Beach and Naples.  Every once in a while, the company is tasked with hosting a corporate team building event that is on one of these great beaches. Here are a few ideas we have used over the years with our clientele.

Sandcastle Building Contest

tampa team building activitiesBuilding sandcastles may sound like child’s play, but don’t tell that to the many people that enter the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival’s Sandcastle Contest every April.  What we do is not quite that serious, but this is a classic beach activity for all-ages that can easily be turned into a Tampa team building game. We divide participants into teams and give them a set amount of time to create the best sandcastle they can. We encourage creativity by having participants  use different tools and decorations available on the beach like shells, pebbles, and driftwood. You can set up criteria for judging such as creativity, teamwork, and structural integrity.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is an excellent team building game that can be played with as few as four people. It promotes teamwork, communication, and coordination. You can organize a tournament where teams compete against each other. The team that wins the most games wins the tournament.

Beach Olympics

A beach Olympics event is a fun way to engage a large group of people in different Tampa team building activities. You can organize various games such as relay races, tug of war, beach volleyball, and sandcastle-building contests. Assign points to each activity and keep track of the scores to determine the winning team.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to build teamwork and communication. Create a list of items that teams have to find on the beach such as a seashell, a piece of driftwood, a crab, and a starfish. The team that finds all the items on the list first wins.

Beach Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a fun and challenging game that requires precision and teamwork. Set up a course on the beach using different landmarks like trees, rocks, and beach umbrellas as the targets. Each team takes turns throwing the Frisbee and the team that completes the course in the fewest number of throws wins.

Beach Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a classic game that can be played on the beach. Divide participants into teams and set up a court using cones or beach towels. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the players on the other team by hitting them with a ball. The team that eliminates all the players on the other team wins.

Beach Tug of War

Tug of war is an excellent team building game that requires strength and coordination. Divide participants into teams and set up a rope between two poles on the beach. Each team tries to pull the other team over the line. The team that pulls the other team over the line wins.

Beach Soccer

Soccer is a popular game that can easily be adapted to the beach. Set up a small field on the beach and divide participants into teams. The team that scores the most goals within a set time wins.

Beach games are an excellent Tampa Team Building activities to build camaraderie and teamwork among colleagues.

Sarasota Trivia

Celebrating 13 Years of the Trivia Revolution of Game Show Trivolution

This August marks the 13th anniversary of the Sarasota Trivia Revolution that we call Game Show Trivolution. Our company has revolutionized corporate events with its unique blend of trivia and live game shows. To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with founder Jim Casey to reflect on the journey so far and look ahead to what’s next.

The Birth of Game Show Trivolution

Sarasota TriviaJim Casey, originally an elite wedding DJ from Portland, Maine, moved to Central Florida and saw an opportunity to inject more excitement and engagement into Sarasota trivia events. After witnessing a lackluster trivia event in Bradenton, he was inspired to create a more dynamic and entertaining experience. Thus, Game Show Trivolution was born, hosting its first pen and paper game show on August 5, 2010, at Evie’s Tavern in Ellenton, Florida.

The Evolution of the Game

Over the past 13 years, Game Show Trivolution, under Jim’s leadership, has evolved significantly. The game format has transitioned from pen and paper to the SpeedQuizzing format, which allows for more efficient and flexible game sessions. This transition was a game-changer, enabling the company to host more shows and reach a larger audience.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Game Show Trivolution has been part of many memorable events and milestones. One such event was the 100th episode celebration at Applebee’s on Cortez Road, and our subsequent release from that location. However, it’s not just about the big wins or the number of shows; it’s about the people. The company’s first Hall of Fame inductee, Norman Korswold, is a testament to the community and camaraderie that Game Show Trivolution fosters. In his honor, a trophy is awarded to the team of the year every August.

The Power of Live Game Shows and Team Building

Game Show Trivolution is not just about Sarasota trivia; it’s about creating engaging live game shows that foster team building and camaraderie. These events are designed to be interactive and fun, encouraging participants to work together and engage with one another in a friendly competition.

Resilience and Adaptability

Despite facing challenges, including a difficult year in 2018 and the global pandemic in 2020, Game Show Trivolution has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. The company bounced back from these setbacks, setting a record in 2022 and projecting a 20% increase in 2023.

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright for Game Show Trivolution. With plans to expand into new locations and the addition of the Big Music Game Show, the company continues to innovate and grow. Furthermore, a venture into the college student market opens up a whole new avenue for the company.

A Message of Gratitude

As Game Show Trivolution celebrates its 13th anniversary, Jim Casey’s message is one of gratitude. The support from clients and the team has been instrumental in the company’s success. In his words, “There’s no way I would still be in business without them. I’ve met some truly great people in the over 2750 events that we have done since 2010.”


The journey of Game Show Trivolution is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and community. As the company celebrates its 13th anniversary, it looks forward to continuing to revolutionize corporate events and create memorable experiences. Here’s to many more years of Sarasota trivia, live game shows, and fun!

Beat the Dog Days of Summer with a Corporate Game Show Extravaganza

Could a corporate game show during the dog days of summer be the answer to those long, hot days we’ve had this year? This time of year can often leave us feeling drained and uninspired. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This summer, why not beat the heat and inject some excitement into your corporate events with a corporate game show extravaganza?

The Dog Days of Summer and Corporate Morale

corporate game showsThe phrase “dog days of summer” refers to the hottest period of the year, typically 40 days in July and August. During this time, the heat can often lead to a dip in productivity and morale within the workplace. However, this period also presents an opportunity to boost team spirit and engagement through fun and interactive activities.

Corporate Game Shows: The Perfect Summer Pick-Me-Up

Game shows are the perfect antidote to the dog days of summer. They offer a unique blend of competition, entertainment, and team building that can energize your team and create a memorable experience. Whether it’s a trivia challenge that tests your team’s knowledge or a feuding fun game show that encourages friendly competition, game shows can transform a regular summer day into an exciting event.

Game Show Trivolution: Your Partner for Summer Fun

At Game Show Trivolution, we specialize in bringing the thrill and excitement of game shows to your corporate events. Our corporate game shows are fully customizable and can be tailored to suit your team’s preferences and your event’s theme. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced hosts, we bring the fun and engagement of game shows to you, providing a much-needed respite from the summer heat. Don’t let the dog days of summer get you down. With Game Show Trivolution, you can beat the heat and boost team morale with a corporate game show extravaganza.