Take A Chance

Press Your Luck Parody - Take a Chance
Take a Chance - Press Your Luck Parody

Recall the Thrill of Press Your Luck?

press your luck parody - take a chance

Remember the guy who broke the Press Your Luck game show by figuring out the board’s pattern? The game show is back on TV with a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. We may not have the big bucks to give away like the networks, but we’ve captured that same exhilaration and suspense in our tribute to the classic game, “Take a Chance.”

Join us as three contenders compete for supremacy. Rather than a series of questions to obtain spins, we play a game called ‘Captain Obvious’. The goal is to hit your buzzer when the non-matching object is lit up. Sounds easy, right?
From there, players aim to accumulate points on our vibrant game board. But watch out! Captain Jack the Pirate lurks, ready to steal your hard-earned points.

More Than Just a Game

“Take a Chance” is an adrenaline-fueled journey that combines the golden era of game shows with fresh, modern entertainment. It can enhance the fun of our other offerings or be the main attraction for an entire evening.

Perfect for Any Event

Whether it’s a corporate team-building session, a holiday party, or any event in need of excitement, “Take a Chance” is a winning choice. Experience this game show and others for team building events in BradentonBoca RatonCape CoralClearwaterCocoa BeachDavenportFort MyersGainesvilleJacksonvilleKissimmeeLakewood RanchMiamiNaplesOcalaOrlandoSarasotaSt. PetersburgTampaYbor City, and West Palm Beach.

Ready to Take a Chance on Our Press Your Luck Parody?

Eager to add a layer of suspense and joy to your next event? Contact Jim Casey at 813.892.8453 to book your “Take a Chance” experience today. Get ready for an event that’s as nostalgically charming as it is thrillinga

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