Happy Couple Game Show

newlywed game, parody

Happy Couple Game Show, Newlywed Game Parody

The Newlywed Game was popular for most of the 1970s and 1980s. One element that was missing was that people who had been married for 25, 35, or 50 years couldn’t play. To us, those couples could be comedy gold. What we did was come up with the Happy Couple Game Show to include ANY couple from their first date until their 75th wedding anniversary. So, the question is, are you and your partner ready to prove that you’re the ultimate happy couple? This interactive entertainment event offers a fun and engaging experience for couples in all stages of their relationship.

Host and Format:

Hosted by Jim Casey, our Newlywed Game parody challenges couples to demonstrate their knowledge of one another. The objective is to see if the answers match, earning the couple points and bragging rights.

More Than Just Happy Couples:

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This game show is a highly adaptable and versatile interactive entertainment option, perfect for a variety of events like corporate functions, holiday parties, or senior center events.

Service Locations:

We proudly bring the Happy Couple Game Show to you in Boca RatonBradentonCape CoralClearwaterCocoa BeachDavenportFort MyersGainesvilleJacksonvilleKey WestKissimmeeLakewood RanchMiamiNaplesOcalaOrlandoSarasotaSt. PetersburgTampaYbor CityWest Palm Beach.

Why Choose the Happy Couple Game Show?

  1. Engaging, Interactive Entertainment
  2. Memorable Moments
  3. Adaptable Format

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