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Celebrating 13 Years of the Trivia Revolution of Game Show Trivolution

This August marks the 13th anniversary of the Sarasota Trivia Revolution that we call Game Show Trivolution. Our company has revolutionized corporate events with its unique blend of trivia and live game shows. To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with founder Jim Casey to reflect on the journey so far and look ahead to what’s next.

The Birth of Game Show Trivolution

Sarasota TriviaJim Casey, originally an elite wedding DJ from Portland, Maine, moved to Central Florida and saw an opportunity to inject more excitement and engagement into Sarasota trivia events. After witnessing a lackluster trivia event in Bradenton, he was inspired to create a more dynamic and entertaining experience. Thus, Game Show Trivolution was born, hosting its first pen and paper game show on August 5, 2010, at Evie’s Tavern in Ellenton, Florida.

The Evolution of the Game

Over the past 13 years, Game Show Trivolution, under Jim’s leadership, has evolved significantly. The game format has transitioned from pen and paper to the SpeedQuizzing format, which allows for more efficient and flexible game sessions. This transition was a game-changer, enabling the company to host more shows and reach a larger audience.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Game Show Trivolution has been part of many memorable events and milestones. One such event was the 100th episode celebration at Applebee’s on Cortez Road, and our subsequent release from that location. However, it’s not just about the big wins or the number of shows; it’s about the people. The company’s first Hall of Fame inductee, Norman Korswold, is a testament to the community and camaraderie that Game Show Trivolution fosters. In his honor, a trophy is awarded to the team of the year every August.

The Power of Live Game Shows and Team Building

Game Show Trivolution is not just about Sarasota trivia; it’s about creating engaging live game shows that foster team building and camaraderie. These events are designed to be interactive and fun, encouraging participants to work together and engage with one another in a friendly competition.

Resilience and Adaptability

Despite facing challenges, including a difficult year in 2018 and the global pandemic in 2020, Game Show Trivolution has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. The company bounced back from these setbacks, setting a record in 2022 and projecting a 20% increase in 2023.

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright for Game Show Trivolution. With plans to expand into new locations and the addition of the Big Music Game Show, the company continues to innovate and grow. Furthermore, a venture into the college student market opens up a whole new avenue for the company.

A Message of Gratitude

As Game Show Trivolution celebrates its 13th anniversary, Jim Casey’s message is one of gratitude. The support from clients and the team has been instrumental in the company’s success. In his words, “There’s no way I would still be in business without them. I’ve met some truly great people in the over 2750 events that we have done since 2010.”


The journey of Game Show Trivolution is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and community. As the company celebrates its 13th anniversary, it looks forward to continuing to revolutionize corporate events and create memorable experiences. Here’s to many more years of Sarasota trivia, live game shows, and fun!


The Art of Questioning: Crafting Effective Corporate Trivia

Corporate Trivia games have long been a staple of our game shows since we started Game Show Trivolution in 2010.  They provide an engaging and entertaining way to test participants’ knowledge on a wide range of topics. When we incorporate a trivia game into a corporate event, it can stimulate engagement, foster team building, and create a memorable experience. However, crafting effective trivia for corporate game shows requires careful thought and planning. In this post, we’ll delve into the process of creating engaging trivia questions, using a specific event we hosted for Verizon in 2015 on Captiva Island as an example.


Understanding the Audience and Event Theme

The first step in crafting effective corporate trivia is understanding the audience and the theme of the event. For the Verizon event, the theme was centered around movies, music, and celebrities. This theme was not chosen randomly; it was selected because it resonated with the audience and aligned with the fun and engaging atmosphere Verizon wanted to create.

Creating Engaging Corporate Trivia Questions

Once the theme is established, the next step is to create engaging trivia questions. The goal is to strike a balance between challenging and entertaining. The questions should be difficult enough to stimulate thought, but not so hard that they discourage participation.

For the Verizon event, we created questions that spanned a range of difficulty levels and covered various aspects of movies, music, and celebrities. This ensured that all participants, regardless of their knowledge level, could contribute to their team’s success.

Making Trivia Interactive and Fun

The key to successful corporate trivia is making it interactive and fun. At Game Show Trivolution, we use state-of-the-art buzzers and visually exciting sets to create a real game show atmosphere. For the Verizon event, this interactive element added an extra layer of excitement and competition, making the trivia game not just a test of knowledge, but a fun and engaging experience.

Crafting effective trivia for corporate game shows is an art. It requires a deep understanding of the audience, a clear grasp of the event theme, and the ability to create engaging and challenging questions. At Game Show Trivolution, we excel in creating customized trivia games that align with your corporate event’s theme and resonate with your audience.

Incorporating trivia into your corporate events can transform them from ordinary to extraordinary, fostering engagement, team building, and creating memorable experiences. Contact us today at 813.892.8453 to learn more about how we can bring the excitement of corporate trivia to your next event.